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    The use of balanced or complete fertilizers will help ensure your lawn against any potential nutrient deficiencies. 

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    Pruning prompts more questions than any other service we offer.  When should I prune?  How much? How often?

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    Weed Control

    Proper watering, mowing and fertilizing, coupled with contact and pre-emergent herbicides keep your lawn in prime condition.  No single herbicide will rid your lawn of weeds.  Knowing what and when to apply is the key.

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    Normally the consultation takes only a few minutes of your time.  The designer will then take measurments and evaluate the site.  From that initial meeting the designer will be able to create a plan and estimate for your project.

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    Our installation crews are very experienced in the various phases of landscape construction.  We keep our crews small to insure a productive, high quality project.  They work directly with our landscape designers to implement your design.

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    Hate to weed? Not sure when to prune? Have a brown thumb?
    Let River City Lawnscape help. Our professional personal grounds care staff can keep your flower garden at optimum health. 

The Garden Center has been in its current location since 1991.   Our blend of high quality plants and products will be merged together for inspiration and education.  Whether you need our help or you want to Do-it-Yourself, we are here to help.Our knowledge and experience puts us leaves and limbs above any chain store.  We strive to find the highest quality materials while maintaining competitive cost.


We have three acres of shade, ornamental and evergreens in larger sizes for instant impact. RiverCityLawnscape has 2 – 44” tree spades to directly plant our field grown product into your lawn.  We can move existing plants on your site as well.


Featured Project

This outdoor living, entertaining, and relaxing space was once a multi-level deck,  the home owner was looking for a way to unify three different areas, but also create separate spaces.


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Our Landscape Designers

» Tom

Tom has been with River City Lawnscape since 2005. He has been a landscape designer for 27 years and in the green industry for 35.

After earning a business degree from UW-La Crosse, Tom went on to study horticulture at the University of Minnesota - Waseca. There he earned a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design.

Tom loves to incorporate natural stone in his designs. He is also a confessed "Plant Geek". If you are interested in trying some newer, more unique plants - talk to Tom!

» Mike

Mike has been with RCL since 2008 and working with Plants and Ecology since 1988. He studied Biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Botany at Idaho State University.

Mike worked in plant ecology for the State of Wisconsin and the State of Idaho, then plant research for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Plant Materials Center, Aberdeen, Idaho.

Mike has been working in the nursery and landscape industry since 1997. His specialty is plant ecology based on our diverse soils of the area.

» Mel

Melissa (aka Mel) has an educational background in Horticulture & Landscape design and received her degree from Rochester Technical College in 1998.

Mel has been with River City Lawnscape since 1998. Mel started as a landscape technician and soon after became a foreman. In 2006 she became a landscape designer. Mel manages the Holiday Lighting Department, which she started in 2004 and the Grounds Maintenance and Tree & Shrub departments. She is the go to for design and estimates in these areas.

Mel likes to use natural stones and boulder accents in her landscape designs. She loves to use foliage plants to add color to a green landscape.

» Drew

Drew began designing at River City Lawnscape in 1997. He has been a Landscape Designer for 18 years and worked in the green industry for 21 years.

Drew attended the University of Minnesota to enter their school of Architecture. While taking a Landscape class he had a change of career paths. He then transferred to South Dakota State University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Design with a minor in Horticulture.

Drew enjoys transforming yards into landscape spaces using form, function and design. No matter the size of the space, great design will be appreciated for years to come.

» Robin

Robin, who joined the River City Lawnscape design team in the spring of 2019, has been a Landscape designer for over 20 years. She studied Landscape Design at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Shortly after graduation Robin was encouraged to answer "the call of the west", developing her career by designing for clients through out the Rocky Mountain West.

Now Robin enjoys incorporating her Midwestern roots with a Western style, designing projects that are architectural in nature and functional in purpose.