The amount of water a lawn and landscape receives is crucial to plant health and lawn appearance.  This water level differs by season and also by the soil type that you have.  Our irrigation team can best determine your irrigation needs to produce the best lawn and landscape possible.

We believe that having an irrigation system maintained and checked periodically will both save you money and result in a better looking lawn and landscape.  This will be done by eliminating unnecessary water use.

Our irrigation maintenance program consists of a start-up visit in the spring followed by two additional visits during the summer months.  These two visits will be determined by weather conditions and moisture levels.  The final visit consists of a system blow-out in the fall.

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Irrigation Maintenance Program

Spring Start Up Maintenance Service of Irrigation System
Change backup power supply for controller, if needed

  • Properly clean area around each sprinkler head to ensure correct performance
  • Check and adjust all individual sprinkler heads
  • Ensure proper solenoid valve operation
  • Advise Client of any damages and repair if authorized
  • Materials and additional labor (if required) are extra
  • Major changes or major repairs will be scheduled through the office

Mid Season Check Up Service of Irrigation System

  • Recheck performance and operation of all sprinkler heads, valves and control panel
  • Readjust settings of control panel to compensate changes in weather patterns
  • Advise of any necessary alterations needed to enhance system performance
  • Suggest changes or relocation requirements if heads are obstructed due to plant growth
  • Complete all changes or alterations if authorized and time permits
  • Materials and additional labor (if required) are extra
  • Two check ups during this time period if needed

Fall Winterization Service of Irrigation System

  • Shut off main water supply to system if not done by owner prior to arrival
  • Turn off control panel if accessible
  • Hook up air compressor at drain valve
  • Remove all water and any other impurities from pipelines and prepare for winter to avoid damage from frost and freezing