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Maintenance Check List:


  • Tree Pruning

March (dependent on spring’s arrival)

  • Spring Clean-ups
  • Cut off ornamental grasses
  • Clean up landscape beds
    • Remove all leaves, sticks and debris
  • Prep beds for new mulch, top dressing
  • Clean out catch basins, window wells, drain tile exits on property


  • Top dress mulch (if requested)
  • Fertilize spring bulbs after bloom
  • Low voltage lighting
    • Straighten fixtures
    • Change bulbs
    • Set clock
  • Prep Annual beds
    • Change out soil if necessary with enhanced top soil
  • Plant annual flower pots in hoop house to give a head start to fill out
  • Monthly weeding starts (grounds maintenance)
    • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – customers request
    • Pull and spray weeds on property
    • Landscape beds; curb lines, sidewalks, driveways, etc.


  • Apply pre-emergent to landscape beds. This will help keep weed seeds from germinating (for approx. 6-8 weeks)
  • Start planting bedding annuals (approx. 3rd week)
  • Startup fountains, ponds and water features
    • Pump out dirty water
    • Install pump
    • Clean debris out of area (falls etc.)
    • Fill and add organic cleaner
  • Monthly grounds maintenance continues
  • Watering schedule starts
    • M-W-F – RCL will water annual pots, beds and dead head plants
  • Fertilize Annuals
    • Done-bi-weekly
  • Prune Roses – cut back winter burn


  • Dead head spring perennials
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs, lilacs, magnolias, forsythias, etc.
  • Grounds Maintenance continues


  • Prune evergreens
  • Ground Maintenance continues


  • Pruning
  • Ground Maintenance continues


  • Install mums 3rd week of the month
  • Fall décor
  • Fall pruning starts
  • Ground Maintenance continues


  • Plant bulbs for spring color
  • Pull any annuals that are left
  • Divide perennials and transplant
  • Fall clean up
    • Cut off perennials and clean out beds
    • Haul away debris
    • Leave ornamental grasses stand? Per customer request
  • Winterize fountains, ponds and water features
    • Drain water
    • Pull pump
  • Low voltage lighting
    • Set clock
    • Check and replace bulbs


  • Wrap tender evergreens with mesh to protect from deer and critters
  • Continue with fall clean-ups
  • Clean-out catch basins, window wells and drain tile exits
  • Drain and put away hoses, tools, equipment (tag)