On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis RCL will schedule your residence or business for a thorough weeding.  Our professional crews will pull and spray weeds, do light pruning, dead head perennials and pick up litter.  RCL will keep your grounds looking their best.  Along with grounds maintenance we provide other services such as:

Tree and Shrub Injections

This is a micro-injection process for trees & shrubs that contains fertilizer and also contains pesticides for treatment against Emerald Ash Borer, Japanese Beetles, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm & many other pests & diseases.  It is completed between April and June.  Please call to ask about Tree & Shrub care and an estimate.

Perennial and Shrub Winterization

A late fall service that is included in the regularly scheduled ground maintenance, but can be chosen as a stand-alone service.  The crew will cut all perennials and haul away the debris.  Ornamental grasses can be cut at this time or wait until spring cleanup.  The crew will also cover any shrubs, roses or any other plants that need protection from animals or winter conditions.  If you have special requests, please call us.

Annual Flowers

 RCL offers a wide variety of annuals and many are very unique.  If you want the “ooohs & aahhs” and something different from the box stores, we have it!  We use the brand “Hort-Couture” - no one else in the area carries their unique and bold product. They are local Midwest company and RCL has been using their product for many years. You will now have designer flower pots and flowers no one else has.

To give your flowers a head start, we will pot them in our greenhouse 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the growing season. We will then deliver and place your pots when weather permits. 

Maintenance is also available.  We offer a watering program 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays), which includes fertilizing twice a month. This will ensure the maximum bloom and growth for your flowers.

No place to store large planters?  RCL has you covered; we pick them up and store them in our hoop house for the winter.


Pruning prompts more questions than any other service we offer. When should I prune? How much? How often? River City Lawnscape offers Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter pruning; optimizing plant health with proper timing. This also allows us to detect any other problems or needs of the trees and shrubs.

Yes, pruning anytime, your plants may survive.
But with scheduled pruning your plants with thrive! 

Bark - Topdressing

Bark Topdressing is one of our most popular services. Usually occuring first thing in spring, Bark Topdressing adds new mulch to your landscape beds. The additional mulch adds a proctective layer of bark that:

  • Eases water needs
  • Helps Minimize Weeds
  • Stablizes soil temperatures
  • Improves the overall appearance of landscape beds
Mole Control

Moles are one of the most difficult pests to control.  One method is to try to eliminate their food source.  This is done by applying insecticide to the lawn, eliminating grubs and other insects that moles feed on.  The insecticide can be mixed with your regular lawn treatment.  Timing of application is critical using this method, as the grubs have to be eliminated at a certain stage of their life cycle in order to be effective.  If the moles food source is gone, they will generally move to another location. 

Another method is to directly target the moles.  This is done by placing poison bait directly into their active runways.  The bait mimics the mole’s natural food – the earthworm and the grub.  It also contains special enhancers that attract moles to the bait.  The moles usually die in their tunnels, often within 2-3 days of ingesting the bait.  Unfortunately there is no way to completely eliminate moles indefinitely.  They may return.

When both of these options are implemented, the best results will be achieved.