You can have a fresh and unique display for each season. In addition to designing and planting, we can also care for your annual displays.

Annual Flower Planting - Our seasoned designer can put together arrangements that will amaze throughout the year. Rabbit/deer control is taken into consideration when choosing plants. Initial watering is included, but supplemental watering is the responsibility of the client.

  • Spring annuals: Annuals can be planted after the frost free date, generally around May 15th. To have instant impact, we can design and plant an arrangement in your pots, giving them a 3-4 week head start before delivery.
    • Annual Flower Pots: If you would like your pots to be full, we will design the arrangement, install, and take care of the pots until it is time to deliver. You will then have instant impact with the arrangements. The pots will be watered when delivered, however ongoing watering is the homeowner’s responsibility. Watering can be scheduled with the Annual Flower Care program.
    • Bedding Annuals: The annuals can be designed for your landscape beds as impact color to entrances, curbs, and patio areas. The crew will bring the annual flowers to the site, till the soil and add amendments if necessary, plant and add a slow release fertilizer. The annuals will be watered in after planting, however ongoing watering is the homeowner’s responsibility. Watering can be scheduled with the Annual Flower Care program. 
  • Fall Mums and Decor: Mums and fall decor are coordinated to be planted and installed during the month of September. The summer flowers will be removed from the flower pots and beds and then replaced with mums, cornstalks, pumpkins, and gourds. The fall decor will stay up until winter.
  • Winter evergreen pots and decor: Winter pots are designed and created at RCL, delivered to your property in the middle of November and stay out until the middle of March. The pots that are used are yours from the previous seasons. If they are glazed pots or breakables we use liners for the soil and greens to avoid cracking the pots. Due to product availability, the deadline to order winter pots is October 15th.

Annual Flower Care - Once the annuals are planted on site or the pots are delivered, let one of our skilled techs come out 3 days a week to water, deadhead, and make any replacements, if necessary, due to critters, deer, disease etc. They will be fertilized every other week with the watering schedule.