Hand pruning, shearing, and deadheading techniques are performed over the season to encourage flowering, plant vigor and achieve the effect intended by normal horticultural standards or as requested by the owner. During the pruning, all old and dead wood is removed to promote new growth for older plants. This includes all ground-covers, evergreens, deciduous shrubs, ornamentals and trees up to 8’-10’ in height. If you have any questions about how your landscape will be pruned, please schedule a time with our Landscape Maintenance Manager to go over the details. 

  • Plant Care: Our skilled professionals will inspect all plants for signs of disease and insects, and make any appropriate recommendations. If necessary, our Tree and Shrub Service can be used to address infected trees and shrubs.
  • Debris: Sweep and/or blow off hard surfaces upon completion of work. Remove all associated landscape debris from site.
  • Tree pruning: This is most generally done in March and November. Large shade trees are thinned, lifted and dead branches are removed before the tree is leafed out or after leaves have dropped. This helps protect trees from wind or storm damage.
  • Ornamental Trees and Shrubs: The pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs will be done according to each plant's needs, which may mean that your landscape will be pruned 1 to 3 times per season.