Low Voltage Lighting systems will be monitored by the foreman who will make recommendations as needed to assure their proper operation.

  • Lamp replacements or other minor repairs will be made on our normally scheduled visits and will be billed accordingly.  Additional trips to replace lamps or perform other repairs may carry an additional charge.
  • Clocks will be changed in the spring and fall to update daylight savings times.
  • Fixtures will be straightened and if a fixture is broken it will be noted. The Landscape Maintenance Manager will schedule to have it fixed and contact the homeowner if it needs to be replaced.
  • River City Lawnscape, Inc. Installed Systems: There are no charges for materials and labor for one year from installation date. During subsequent years, labor for lamp replacements and minimal troubleshooting, on original non-altered systems during our normally scheduled visits, is included. Material charges apply.
  • Non-River City Lawnscape, Inc. Installed Systems: Contracts only include labor for replacement of lamps on properly operating systems. Any troubleshooting will be billed at time and materials. Generally, fixtures requiring more than one annual lamp replacement may indicate an improperly operating system and require an estimate to bring it up to standards. There is no guarantee for adjustments to X-10 systems which may require the services of an electrical contractor to aid in diagnosing problems.