This service can be contracted weekly or bi-weekly. On each scheduled visit the crew will observe the general health of your plants and address weeds in the landscape beds, sidewalks, patios, curb lines and all hard surfaces. The crew will hand weed, cultivate, or spray as needed to maintain a neat and weed-free appearance. Scheduled visits include the following:

  • Weeds that are 1.5” or larger are pulled and smaller are sprayed. Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control is not included in this contract price and will be billed as needed.
  • The Crew is instructed to check and clean under doormats, windows and stairwells. Hoses will be rolled up and neatly stored at faucets. Patio furniture will be arranged after sweeping or blowing off patio area and porches.
  • Sweep and/or blow off hard surfaces upon completion of work. Remove all associated landscape debris from site.
  • If they observe signs of stress caused by disease or pests sufficient to warrant control, an appropriate chemical application will be made and billed appropriately.