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Bittersweet, 'Autumn Revolution'
Celastrus scandens 'Bailumn'
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Flowers: Summer
  • Produces colorful, bright orange berries used as dried flower. Vigorous Minnesota native.


Clematis x
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Flowers: May-June & August-September
  • Spectacular, prolific blooms in shades of pink, white, blue, red, and purple.
  • Niobe, Toki, Jackman Superba


Sunlight: Full sun to Shade
Flowers: Summer
  • Vigorous vine with fragrant, trumpet-like flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Major Wheeler, Peaches and Cream, Mandarin


Virginia Creeper / Boston Ivy
Sunlight: Full sun to shade
Flowers: Spring (insignificant)
  • Dense, self-clinging vine that can grow up trellises, fences, or masonry.
  • Star Showers


William Baffin Climbing Rose
Rosa x kordesii
Sunlight: Full sun
Flowers: Summer to fall
  • Fragrant deep pink blooms on hardy climbing vines. Good choice for use on arbors or trellises.