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Norway Maple
Acer platanoides
  • Dense habit, tolerant of varying soil conditions and urban pollution. Mature height of 30-60'.
  • Royal Red, Princeton Gold


Red Maple
Acer rubrum
  • Fast growing, reaching 40'-60' in height. Excellent red fall color. Tolerant of varying soil conditions, preferring moist, slightly acid soil.
  • Autumn Radiance, Red Pointe, Red Sunset


Silver Maple
Acer saccharum
  • Tall and fast growing, reaching a height of 50'-70' at maturity. Leaves have a silvery color on underside. Yellow fall color.
  • Flashfire, Crimson Sunset


Shangtung Maple
Acer truncatum
  • Glossy, deeply lobed foliage emerges reddish and turns dark green. Good fall color in shades of yellow, orange, red, or purple. Mature height of 20'-25'. Good specimen tree.
  • Crimson Sunset, Urban Sunset


Ornamental Maples
Acer spp.
  • Emperor I Japanese Maple, North Wind Korean Maple, Hot Wings Tatarian Maple


Freeman Maples
Acer x freemanii
  • Hybrid cross of red and silver maple, fast growing and hardy. Mature height of 40'-60', prized for its brilliant red fall color.
  • Armstrong, Celebration, Autumn Blaze, Autumn Fantasy


  • Also known as Juneberry. Produces white blooms in early spring and edible, purple-red fruits that attract birds in June. Tolerant of clay soils. Mature height of 25'-30'.
  • Rainbow Pillar, Standing Ovation, Autumn Brilliance


  • Easy to grow and tolerant of a range of conditions, performing best in wet soils. Varieties have interesting, exfoliating bark. Yellow fall color. Mature height of 40'-70'.
  • Heritage River Birch, Shiloh Splash River Birch, White Satin Birch


American Hornbeam / Musclewood / Blue Beech
Carpinus caroliniana

  • Shade tolerant, preferring part to full shade. Slowing growing, reaching a mature height of 20'-35'. Interesting, smooth bark. Good fall color.


Katsura Tree
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
  • Heart-shaped leaves emerge burgundy, mature to blue-green, and provide yellow fall color. Good as a specimen or shade tree with a mature height of 40'-60'.
  • Red Fox


Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis
  • Showy pink flowers in early spring. Rounded and multi-trunked, with a mature height of 20'-30'.
  • Wisconsin Eastern Redbud, Eastern Redbud


White Fringe Tree
Chionathus virginicus
  • Easy to grow and tolerant of pollution. Produces drooping, fine-textured, fringe-like white flowers in spring. Yellow fall color. Mature height of 12'-20'.


American Yellowwood
Cladrastis lutea
  • Upright branching with a rounded crown. Produces fragrant white flowers in spring. Interesting foliage of compound leaves with 7-11 leaflets are bright green in summer and yellow in fall. Mature height of 30'-50'.


  • Small, multi-stemmed tree that reaches 15'-25' in height. Distinct, horizontal branching. Produces fragrant white-yellow flowers in late spring. Excellent specimen plant.
  • Pagoda


Corylus Americana
  • Deciduous tree/shrub maturing to 8'-16' in height. Does well in naturalized areas, with large, toothed, dark green leaves. Produces edible nuts.
  • Purpleleaf American Hazelnut, Contorted Filbert, European Hazelnut, Red Leaf European


  • Small tree growing 20'-30' in height. Insignificant flowers in early summer produce billowing hairs which give the plants its common name, covering the tree with smoke-like puffs. Interesting specimen tree.
  • Magical Green Fountain


Fagus sylvatica
  • Low branched tree reaching 50'-60' in height at maturity. Interesting smooth, gray bark. Glossy green leaves with a wavy margin.
  • Rivers Purple


Ginkgo biloba
  • Tough and adaptable, with the ability to tolerate a range of soils and urban pollution. Reaches 50'-80' in height, with unique fan-shaped leaves that give Ginkgo it's nickname of maidenhair tree. Pungent fruits are produced only on female trees. Bright yellow fall color.
  • Autumn Gold, The President


Gleditsia triacanthos
  • Durable and adaptable, tolerant of drought and road salt. Fine textured leaves turn bright yellow in fall. Reaches 30'-70' in height at maturity.
  • Sunburst, Skyline


Kentucky Coffee Tree
Gymnocladus diocia
  • Tall, reaching 60'-80' at maturity, with rough bark gray-brown in color. Compound leaves are blue-green in color. Fragrant flowers produce large, flattened pods that last into winter.
  • Espresso


Witch Hazel
Hamamelis x intermedia
  • Interesting specimen plant, bearing bright orange-yellow, fragrant flowers in late winter to early spring. Open, spreading habit reaching 8'-12' in height at maturity.
  • Arnold Promise, Jelena


Hydrangea Tree
  • Single trunk leads up to a rounded canopy that produces large panicles of blooms in mid-late summer. Reaches 3'-6' in height. Good specimen tree.
  • Fire and Ice, Quickfire


Amur mackia
Maackia amurensis
  • Noted for its interesting, coppery-bronze bark that exfoliates with maturity. Slow grower, reaching a height of 20'-30'. Compound leaves produce leaflets that are olive green in color.
  • Summertime


  • Large, fragrant, showy flowers bloom in early spring. Species range in mature height from 15'-20' (stellata) to 40-70' (acuminata).
  • Elizabeth, Leonard Messel, Royal Star, Merrill


Ornamental Crabapple
Malus x
  • Versatile ornamental trees bearing abundant, fragrant spring flowers in shades of white, pink, and red. Most varieties reach 15'-20' in height, although some varieties may grow to 40' while others mature at 8'.
  • Coralburst Double Flower, Firebird, Lollipop, Marilee, Purple Prince, Ruby Tears, Royal Gem, Royal Raindrops, Velvet Pillar


Hop Hornbeam, Ironwood
Ostrya virginiana
  • Small to medium understory tree that is tolerant of shade. Reaches 25-40' at maturity. Leaves are small and birch-like, being sharply serrated. Produces seed-bearing pods that resemble hop fruits.


Persian Ironwood
  • Slow growing, small-medium tree reaching 20'-40' in height at maturity. Oval leaves emerge reddish-purple and mature to a deep green in summer. Good fall color in shades of yellow, orange, and red. Exfoliating bark in patches of green, tan, and white provide winter interest.


London Plane Tree
Plantanus x acerifolia
  • Large, hybrid tree that is the result of a cross between native sycamore and Asian planetree. Large tree reaching 70'-100' at maturity with beautiful exfoliating bark.


Quaking Aspen
Populus tremuloides
  • Prized for its lovely white bark. Deep green foliage flutters in the breeze, giving the tree its common name. Prefers cool conditions with rich, consistently moist soil.


Prunus cerasifera
  • Small specimen tree reaching 15'-30' in height with a spreading, rounded habit. Fragrant white flowers in early spring produce small, edible fruits.
  • Newport


Amur Chokecherry
Prunus maackii
  • Small specimen tree maturing at 20'-30' with a broad, rounded crown. Prized for interesting, exfoliating golden brown bark that provides winter interest. Fragrant white flowers in early spring produce black cherries that attract birds.


Prunus sargentii
  • Ornamental flowering cherry reaching 20'-30' in height at maturity with a rounded, broad crown. Profuse, fragrant blooms in early spring. Foliage is dark green in summer with good fall color. Bears bitter fruit that is inedible straight off the tree.
  • Pink Flair Sargent Cherry, Spring Wonder Sargent Cherry


Pyrus calleryana
  • Tolerant of a wide variety of soils including heavy clay. Tolerates urban pollution. Upright, pyramidal canopy reaching 25'-35' in height. Profuse spring blooms lead to small, inedible fruits. Attractive foliage with good fall color.
  • Cleveland Select


  • Stately hardwood growing 50'-75' with lobed, glossy green leaves. Produces acorn in fall. Red oak has good fall color and holds leaves until spring, providing winter interest.
  • American Dream Swamp White Oak, Urban Pinnacle Bur Oak, Pin Oak, Regal Prince Oak


  • Large shrub / small tree with dappled, variegated foliage in shades of green, white, and pink on graceful, drooping limbs. Gray-green bark with red stems in winter for four-season interest.
  • Prairie Cascade, Flamingo Hakura Nishiki


  • Large shrub / small tree that reaches 8'-20' in height. Produces large umbels of fragrant flowers in early summer which bear small fruits in late summer that are useful for jams, jellies, and juices. Soft textures foliage in shades of chartreuse or nearly black, depending on variety.
  • Lemony Lace, Black Tower


  • Tree form of lilac shrub valued for its fragrant, showy bloom of pinks, purple, and whites in early spring. An excellent specimen plant, with a mature height of 6'-12'.
  • Tinkerbelle, Bloomerang, Miss Kim, Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac, Snowdance, Summer Storm


Edible Fruit Trees

  • Freedom, Haralred, Honeycrisp, Winecrisp


  • Lapin Cherry, Sweet Cherry Pie, Mount Royal Plum


  • Golden Spice Pear