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Cypress, King's Gold Sawara
Chamaecyparis pisifera
Sunlight: Part shade
  • Mounded shrub with scale-like, evergreen leaves with a fine feathery texture and golden yellow foliage.


Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Scaled foliage that is most often deep green to blue-green, or in shades of chartreuse to bright yellow, sometime with purple winter color. Ranges in size from an inches high groundcover to upright trees of 20' or more. Reliable and easy to grow, performing best in well-drained soil.
Groundcover Varieties:
  • Daub's Frosted, Copper Delight, Lime Glow, Icee Blue, Calgary Carpet, Blue Carpet
Shrub Varieties:
  • Saybrook Gold, Maney, Mint Julep, Sea Green, Gold Strike, New Blue Tamarix
Upright Varieties:
  • Star Power, Medora, Taylor, Eastern Red Cedar


Sunlight: Full sun
  • Deciduous conifer, with needles dropping in winter and reemerging bright green in spring, turning green in summer, then providing yellow fall color. Provides an interesting, fine texture, making this a good specimen tree. Performs best in moderately moist soil, good choice for areas prone to wetness.
  • European Larch, Puli European Larch


Siberian Cypress
Microbiota decussata
Sunlight: Full sun – part shade
  • Low growing, spreading evergreen useful as a groundcover. Foliage is feathery and deep green. Tolerant of dry soils and draught once established, requiring good drainage.


Norway Spruce
Picea abies
Sunlight: Full sun
  • Stiff needled evergreen with horizontal branches and pendulous branchlets. Needles are dense in small cultivars and young trees, becoming more open with age. Comes in a variety of forms including compact shrubs, ornamental specimen trees, and large growing trees of up to 70'.
  • Acrocona, Elegan, Little Gem, Golden, Bird's Nest


White Spruce
Picea glauca
Sunlight: Full sun
  • Hardy evergreen with sharp, stiff, blue-green to deep green needles that are fragrant when crushed. Needles are held upright. Grows best in moist, well-drained soils. Comes in a variety of shapes and forms ranging from small, rounded shrubs, to upright trees reaching 60' at maturity.
  • Black Hills Spruce, Pendula Weeping White Spruce, Limey


Globe Serbian Spruce
Picea omorika
Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Dense, globe shaped, dwarf evergreen. Needles are short and glossy green above with a blue-white color on the underside. A good choice as a specimen, hedge, or border.


Colorado Spruce / Blue Spruce
Picea pungens
Sunlight: Full sun
  • Horizontal branches with stiff, bristly, evergreen needles in shades of green, blue-green, and silver-blue. Prefers rich, moist soils and cool climates.
  • Baby Blue Eyes, Hoops, Montgomery, Sester


Sunlight: Full sun
  • Evergreen with long needles that grow in clusters, typically deep green in color. Some varieties, such as Red Pine, naturally drop lower branches as they age. Ranges in size from small shrub (such as the Dwarf Mugo) to large trees of up to 80' (including Eastern White Pine).
  • Prairie Statesman Swiss Stone Pine, Taylors Sunburst Lodgepole Pine, Slow Mound Dwarf Mugo Pine, Helga Austrian Pine, Pacific Blue Macedonian Pine, Eastern White Pine, Louie White Pine, Horsford Dwarf Globe White Pine, Wiethorst Hybrid White Pine


Taxus x Media
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
  • Shade tolerant evergreen with flat needles and deep green color. Bears red fruits in fall which, like the rest of the plant, are very toxic. Most are small to medium shrubs with may have either an upright or spreading habit. Will not tolerate flooding.
  • Taunton Yew, Dark Green Yew


Thuja occidentalis
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
  • Dense evergreen with scale-like, aromatic yellow-green to green leaves grow in a flattened spray. Often single-trunked, conical or narrow pyramidal shrub to small tree.
  • Anna's Magic Ball, Brandon, Hetz Midget, Hetz Wintergreen, Holmstrup, North Pole, Technito, Techny, Woodward, Yellow Ribbon


Canadian Hemlock
Tsuga canadensis
Sunlight: Part shade to full shade
  • Shade-tolerant evergreen with flat sprays of evergreen foliage and a lacy texture. Needles are short and dark green with white bands on the underside. Prefers moist soil, will not tolerate draught.
  • Golden Spencer, Summer Snow